Podium FIF WO DDCG 1. Event

With two more to go in this exciting first year, it was time for an update... not only the results and rankings have been updated, probably there are some changes on almost every page. It's amazing how fast the format has grown, and I'm very grateful for all the support I received in this first year. I'm sure we already improved a lot since the first competition in Brugelette, and we have every intention to continue this way... with your assistance of course!


This time, we've let the layout stay, and changed some text here and there... the new things are marked in orange, the previous changes in yellow and what's left of the basics will show in white... just so you know what to look for.


The changes in the beginning were merely an indication on what would follow, again, after evaluation and input from various sources, we tried to make things a bit better and as this format is meant to be dynamic, don't expect that to stop anytime soon. We do hope to have a steady and workable format by the end of this season so we only need to review the rules once or twice a year...


So again some changes are announced, an overview:


- Again FIF was addapted to keep it fun and interesting

- New judging system in FIIS

- New field setup in FI

- Super-Combo has gone, too much trophies and too complicated

- Clarification of the "dead disc" rule

- Exciting new competition date

- Specifications of the Indoor format

- Host requirements

- ...


After the last event of the German Competition Series Disc Dog Challenge Germany all results for the events FIF have been posted and points are accredited to all participants. According to the first feedback, the cooperation was a big success and already other formats have taken interest in a (partial) cooperation for next year. More to come on that soon...


For next year, we are planning a full upgrade (not update) of the website with exciting new features and possibilities. As soon as all skills required for this update are assembled and gathered, you will see some changes...


So, stay tuned and don't forget to have fun together, that's still the purpose of the game!!! Good luck to all of you and don't forget our upcoming events in Norway and Finland... we hope to welcome you there to gather the last points for the general ranking.


The end of a season, also starts a new one... as dates are filling fast and requests are coming in for the 2018-season, please use the button below and book your event for next year. The sooner, the more chance you will have to get your date and your prefered judges.

Latest end november 2017 ...

Group ECC Herk De Stad

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Podium FIF WO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Podium FIF MO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Group GCDC Opening Cup Brugelettte

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Party's getting bigger... don't be the one to miss out on it!!!

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