A new year, and new chances to become the second world champion in this format. Last years champions are known (at least by us, some of them don't even know yet) and a new season has already started with the first 3 events under the belt.




The first points have been gathered and teams are already travelling around (Daniel and Miguel deserve a special thankz) in their effort to top the rankings.


Apart from a few minor changes, the format has reached a certain point of stability with the introduction of a 5th judge and some other details that have been introduced to solve some of the issues we encountered in our first year. One of them is on breaking ties in the various events...


But I can already tell you we continue to learn and update where needed to give you the best possible experience. And also for next year (2019), there are some interesting new paths to be discovered. We are always prepared to implement interesting new ways and suggestions.


In a few weeks, some key people that can help with this website will sit together in an effort to make it more easy to gather information and upload team data like music and basic information to speed up the registration even more. So again, change is on the way...


This time, we've let the layout stay, and changed some text here and there... the new things are marked in orange, the previous changes in yellow and what's left of the basics will show in white... just so you know what to look for.


Obviously November has passed and all requests have come in for the 2018-season. Awaiting final confirmation on the last 3 events, but the calendar is now filled up and as of now all requests will be planned in the 2019-season. We already want to thank all hosts who will be doing a competition in 2018. Without you, it wouldn't be possible...

If you would like to get your piece of the action in 2019...


Party's getting huge... and the crowd is liking it!!!

Next update: early June 2018

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Group GCDC Opening Cup Brugelettte

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Group ECC Herk De Stad

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Podium FIF WO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Podium FIF MO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann