Podium FIF WO DDCG 1. Event

First of all, we would like to wish you a fantastic and successful 2018 and we hope to see you at our events!!! We are proud to announce more than 20 events will have GCDC events in some or another shape or form.

You can find them on the calendar page which is completely up to date, and only missing confirmation on 3 events concerning the dates.

Registrations for the first ever indoor event are now online. Don't hesitate and be amongst the first to baldly go, where no format has gone before...


In 2017 we had 10 events spread over 5 countries, generating a total of 646 results!


This time, we've let the layout stay, and changed some text here and there... the new things are marked in orange, the previous changes in yellow and what's left of the basics will show in white... just so you know what to look for.


The changes in the beginning were merely an indication on what would follow. After evaluation and input from various sources, we tried to make some improvements, and as this format is meant to be dynamic, don't expect that to stop anytime soon. We do hope to have a steady and workable format by the end of this season so we only need to review the rules once or twice a year...


So again some changes are announced, an overview:


- Again FIF was addapted (field layout)

- New judging system in FIIS, yes, again...

- Clarification of the "dead disc" rule

- Exciting new competition dates

- Specifications of the Indoor format are also up to date for all of the events

- ...


After a successful cooperation with the German Competition Series Disc Dog Challenge Germany, also a second Dutch based competition series will introduce some of the events of the GCDC. We are talking about the New Disc Dog Format (or NDDF in short) who will offer both FIF as FIFF, indoor (no FIF) and outdoor. The results for these events will be taken into account for the ranking and points are accredited to all participants. We are welcoming them with open arms and look forward to working together on making this sport a bit bigger every year.


Probably, you will see the format popping up outside Europe by the end of the season in the form of Try-Outs, which won't count for the ranking, but will be held according to the GCDC rules. This should result in a global format for the 2019 competition and our first World Championship. We are very excited to have seen interest from various countries in continents that are far, far away...


On this subject we want to congratulate all of the World Champions that came out on top of their division!!! You are all the first in what will be a long list... don't forget to also congratulate your dogs as they are the true stars of the show! All of them will be honored at the Indoor ECC and receive their...


Obviously November has passed and all requests have come in for the 2018-season. Awaiting final confirmation on the last 3 events, but the calendar is now filled up and as of now all requests will be planned in the 2019-season. We already want to thank all hosts who will be doing a competition in 2018. Without you, it wouldn't be possible...

If you would like to get your piece of the action in 2019...



As this is written on the last day of 2017, there's only one thing left to say and that's:



Group GCDC Opening Cup Brugelettte

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Group ECC Herk De Stad

Picture by Jessica Mazzarese

Podium FIF WO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Podium FIF MO DDCG Magdeburg

Picture by Ron Kretschmann

Party's getting huge... and the crowd is liking it!!!

Next update: early March 2018

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